We need your help!

Have a read below about what happens after a PBAC meeting & what we can do to help fast track the listing!

What happens after a PBAC meeting?

After a positive recommendation, there are several steps before a medication can be listed on the PBS. Amongst these steps are the negotiations between the Department of Health and Vertex, followed by a sign off from the Health Minister and potentially the Cabinet.

Wait, there’s still negotiations?

The PBAC provides detail in the recommendation which is effectively the circumstances for a positive recommendation. The drug company choses whether to proceed, and when proceeding, the drug company and Department of Health then negotiate over the listing detail. See Friday’s post for the detailed recommendation and response from Vertex.

How long will the next steps take?

These steps generally take several months, with recent CF medications taking from 2 to 8 months. Trikafta for 6-11s was not granted the priority pathway, however we heard from Mark Butler MP this week that the Government aim to proceed quickly.

This is where we need to keep the pressure on both the Government and Vertex Pharmaceuticals to make sure this happens, with fast negotiations from both sides!

What can we do to help?

– Write to your federal MP and encourage them to support the fast PBS listing of Trikafta for kids aged 6-11

– Like and share posts about Trikafta on social media such as Facebook and Instagram

– Message the page if you have a child aged 6-11, the more the better (to connect for updates and posts)

– Contact the page if you’d like to tell your child’s story whilst they wait for Trikafta

Together we can make sure the decision makers understand the urgency and how we need #TrikaftaNow!