Guide to sending letters & emails to politicians

Useful Tips:
  • Consider emailing your federal MP, the Health Minister and the Shadow Health Minister.
  • You could send a letter if you’d prefer. 
  • Try to keep it to one typed page (for letters) or a couple of paragraphs via email.
  • You could talk about your family’s story and why your child needs Trikafta now, or what Trikafta has meant for your child mentioning that everyone needs Trikafta now to stop those with Cystic Fibrosis from getting sicker.
  • Encourage your MP and the Health Minister to make sure the PBS listing occurs as quickly as possible.
  • Best to use your own words, emotive, personal stories have the best impact.
  • When talking to your MP it may help to explain what Trikafta is and how it’s already available in more than 20 countries for children aged 6-11. When talking to the Health Minister it may be more beneficial to focus on your story to minimise duplication and maximise impact. 

Health  Minister Mark Butler’s email:
Shadow Health Minister anne Ruston’s email:

Email and mail addresses for MPs can be found here: