Wade’s Story

Young Wade is one of the 500+ kids waiting for Trikafta.

Since June last year he’s spent 5 months on IV antibiotics. Two different harmful lung bacteria mean his current treatments involve injections and four antibiotics, on top of the nebulisers and physiotherapy to clear the constant mucus.

His lung function is just 51%.

His family were fast running out of options. Given the unknown timeframe for Trikafta, his family made the heart breaking decision to pay full price, at $21,000 per month.

Mark Butler MP and Vertex Pharmaceuticals this is not good enough. More than 20 countries have provided access for kids aged 6-11, prioritising the health of young people with CF. Seriously unwell kids like Wade need Trikafta now – please list without delay.


Anthony AlbaneseSenator Anne Ruston