Oli’s Story

Oli has always appeared to be a picture of health but inside, he is fighting a big and unpredictable battle against Cystic Fibrosis.

One Trikafta could help arm him against.

Last year, Oli caught a ‘cold’ that he was unable to shake off. Over many months his parents watched him steadily decline to the point his appetite was nearly non existent, he was unable to participate in sport or keep up with his friends and walking up the stairs to his bedroom caused him to be breathless. He would cough all night, sometimes to the point of vomiting. He became a shadow of his former self. His spark was lost from a huge treatment schedule, multiple medications, feeling unwell and missing school.

A two-week hospital admission for IV antibiotics did little to assist and he now faces the likelihood of another stint any day now. His mum Elli admits she is scared and desperate for access to Trikafta to set him on an uphill trajectory health wise.

“I can see his health is much poorer than in previous years and this scares us. It breaks my heart that he now regularly says he can’t keep up with his friends because of his CF. Every single day is precious and we need to prevent the damage being done to his little body.”

Mark Butler MPVertex Pharmaceuticals Trikafta helps prevent these chest infections and hospital admissions – please list without delay to give young kids like Oli the chance at a brighter future.


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