Trikafta predicted to add 33 years to life expectancy

A recent study from the UK has predicted that Trikafta may increase the life expectancy of those aged 12+ with two F508del to a median age of 71.6!!

This is +33 years compared to best supportive care and +23 years compared to Symdeko!

These findings are based on a microsimulation prediction involving the phase 3 clinical data up to 2 years.

As seen with the previous modulators, the earlier these medications are started, the greater the predicted benefits – more years are gained, there’s more time with a higher lung function and a significantly lower chance of transplant.

@markbutlermp the earlier children start Trikafta, the healthier they will be – please make sure the young ones with CF have access without delay #TrikaftaNow

For those in the CF community who are not eligible or have had issues with side effects or response to modulators, you are not forgotten – there is a pipeline of research aiming for #NoOneLeftBehind. Also important to note these are average predictions based on data where people were on Trikafta and best supportive care. There is more info in the link below.